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TTY Superprint

TTY SuperprintTTY Superprint

Categories: Hearing and Speech Loss

Brand: Ultratec

Featuring advanced technology and sophisticated capabilities, this text-based telephone is perfect for people who cannot hear or speak on the phone.



  • Built-in, 24-character printer
  • 3 selectable print sizes
  • 32k memory
  • Date/time printed at the beginning of each call
  • Auto ID
  • E-Turbo for simplified relay calling
  • User-programmable Relay Voice Announcer
  • Direct connect (with 2 jacks) to standard telephone line
  • Built-in ring flasher
  • Call progress
  • Auto-Answer capabilities (with programmable message)
  • Auto-busy redial, Wait for Response, and 3-way calling
  • Remote message retrieval
  • Arrow keys for easy review of memory
  • Convenient GA/SK keys
  • Easy-touch greeting memo
  • Keyboard dialing, follow-on dialing, call transfer
  • Memory dialing/redial
  • TTY Announcer
  • Turbo Code, ASCII Code and Baudot Code (45.5/50 baud rate)
  • Sticky key feature (for single-handed typing)



  • Includes 6 foot telephone line cord and a 6 foot AC adapter
  • Operating Instruction booklet, Quick-User guide
  • 6 AA NiCad rechargeable batteries
  • 1 roll of TTY paper
  • Requires modular jack and electrical outlet
  • Font: 6.7mm by 3.7mm

Download User Manual (PDF)