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You don't know the difference this phone has made: not only in my life, but my wife's. We both wear hearing aids. We now can hear without our aids. But we can hear it when it rings. I don't see how you could improve on your services. I think you are wonderful. Thank you for your time and trouble. May God bless you and keep you always. You make two old people very happy. We were married 65 years today.

Thank you very much. I can now hear everything someone is saying on the phone. Before I would get my wife to talk for me.

The phone has been a great help to me with its large numbers and light and control of its ring! Thank you!

Thank you for improving my quality of life!

This telephone opened up a whole new world for hearing and understanding for me and I am so thankful for this service. Thanks so very much!

Thank you for supplying me with this product at no cost to me.

My telephone is very helpful to me. No more missed calls.

A. User 
Thank you for the excellent product I knew nothing about. Thanks for courtesy, patient explanations, getting people helped timely. No better people anywhere!

A. User 
Cannot be improved! From the day that I mailed in my application until the day the equipment delivered to my home, it took less than a week.