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At this time the SC Equipment Distribution Program office is closed to the public due to COVID-19. Our office will be available by appointment only.  Please feel free to call our office for any assistance you may need regarding equipment or questions you may have. We will do our best to assist you.  You may also reach out via email. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Popular Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the South Carolina Equipment Distribution Program (SCEDP). To get personal assistance filling out forms, we invite you to Contact Us.

Who is the program for?

We serve South Carolina residents who have a disability that makes it difficult to use the phone. Our customers include people who are:

  • Hard of Hearing
  • Deaf
  • Deaf-Blind
  • Blind/Low Vision with Hearing Loss
  • Speech Challenges

Do I qualify?

Income is not a factor. If you have a challenge that makes using the phone difficult, we encourage you to apply. To qualify, we ask that you meet these basic requirements:

  • You are a legal, permanent resident of South Carolina.
  • You have active phone service.
  • Your permanent disability is confirmed by a professional certifier. 

How much will it cost?

Our products are no cost to you, thanks to a small surcharge added to all in-state phone lines. If you are having trouble using the phone, we encourage you to apply regardless of your income.

How do I get equipment?

Get your telephone equipment in just five simple steps:

Step 1: Complete and sign the easy application. 
Step 2: Have a professional certifier complete and sign the certification. 
Step 3: Choose the product that works best for you. 
Step 4: Provide copies of your South Carolina I.D. and phone bill. 
Step 5: Send everything in the envelope provided.

For more information, check out the Steps to Apply.

Is there how-to training on the equipment?

Training is available for most equipment. Simply contact us to schedule a learning session.

How long can I keep the equipment?

You can use our phone equipment for as long as you need it and continue to live in South Carolina.

Who pays for repairs?

If your equipment has any problems, we will repair it as long as you are in the program. If equipment is not working, please DO NOT try to repair it or take it apart. Contact SCEDP for instructions on returning the equipment, including all accessories, in the original boxes. If equipment is returned and SCEDP determines it has been abused, a replacement will NOT be allowed.

Where do I get equipment?

Your equipment will be shipped or delivered to your residence. If you choose, you can pick up your equipment at our office.

Who owns the equipment?

The equipment is owned by the state of South Carolina. You cannot sell or pawn it, or give or loan it to others outside your household. If you do, you can be criminally prosecuted. While it is in your possession, you are required to protect the equipment from damage. You will be responsible for providing batteries, paper, and other consumable needs.

What if equipment is lost or stolen?

If equipment is reported as lost, a replacement will NOT be allowed. If equipment is stolen or damaged by someone other than you, before a replacement is allowed you must report it to the police and provide a copy of the report to SCEDP.

What if I move out of state?

If you move to another state, contact SCEDP to arrange for the return of equipment before you move. If you change addresses within the state or get a new phone number, provide this information to SCEDP within 30 days.

Does the program cover my phone bill?

No. SCEDP is not responsible for your telephone service or bills.

Why did I receive equipment that is different than pictured in your product guide?

Actual products may vary from picture.