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Hands-Free Phone

Hands Free PhoneHands-Free Phone

Categories: Speech Loss

Brand: Serene

Speech with mobility challenges? You can try the Hands-Free Phone that enables conversation 15 feet away. This speakerphone can answer calls with the sound of your voice. Use the wireless remote control for one-touch access to dialing, answering, and memory scanning from up to 40 feet away. Works well with all levels of mobility and dexterity loss.


  • Remote controlled speakerphone.
  • Designed to provide independent communication for persons with any degree of mobility and/or dexterity loss.
  • Ideal for use in the home and office.
  • High-fidelity speaker produces crystal clear sound.
  • Hands-free conversations up to 15 feet away.
  • Wireless mouse-style remote activates memory scanning, dialing and answering from up to 40 feet away.
  • Customize the function of the phone by attaching one or more of the many RC accessories.
  • Quick access to all phone company services.
  • Automatic scanning and dialing of numbers stored in memory.
  • 20# programmable memory-dial settings.
  • Adjustable scanning speed.
  • Voice mail/unanswered call indicator
  • Remote "flash" function for call waiting or other phone company services.
  • Non-slip keypad buttons.
  • Easy desktop, wheelchair or wall mounting.
  • Battery back-up in case of power outage (batteries included).
  • Adjustable speakerphone volume control.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Ringer volume control.
  • Mute/flash/pause/program/scan/headset/redial buttons. 

Download User Manual (PDF)