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Amplified Phone with Bluetooth®

Amplified phone with bluetoothAmplified Phone with Bluetooth®

Categories: Hearing Loss

Brand: Serene

This powerful amplified phone lets you hear every word loud and clear. Ideal for people with moderate to severe hearing loss. Bluetooth® capability lets you connect with a mobile device. Large, backlight buttons in your choice of color for easy viewing "Talk back" and help you make sure you're dialing the right number without straining your eyes in the process.


  • Amplifies in coming sound by up to 50+ decibels in order to help ensure optimal understanding and clarity
  • Back-lit keypad
  • Works with home phone service and/or cell phone service
  • Connects to cell phone with Bluetooth®
  • Taking Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Missed Calls feature actually announces the name of the person on the line
  • 12 speed dial buttons
  • Loud ringer and super bright flasher catches your attention so that you don't miss calls
  • Uses Digital Tone Enhancements to ensure voices are crystal clear


Download User Manual (PDF)