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Sound Solutions Hearing Care

About Us

That's what I want to hear!

Sound Solutions Hearing Care



  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations

  • Free consultation & screening

Hearing Instruments

  • Hearing instrument selection and fittings

  • Hearing aid options

  • 40 day trial period

  • Custom earmolds for cell phones, iPods, and other electronic equipment

  • Hearing protectors for sporting and other high noise related activities

  • Musician earplugs and monitors

  • Assistive listening devices (such as amplified telephones and wireless TV headphones)

  • Learn more about hearing aids by clicking here

Added Value Services

  • Lifetime maintenance & multi-year warranties

  • Lifetime hearing care

  • Free batteries for three years on most models

  • Electro-acoustic analysis of the hearing aid

  • Screening and re-programming of aids purchased elsewhere

  • Repairs of all makes of instruments

Additional Services

  • Tinnitus Solutions

  • Aural Rehabilitation

Visit us at: Sound Solutions Hearing Care