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At this time the SC Equipment Distribution Program office is closed to the public due to COVID-19. Our office will be available by appointment only.  Please feel free to call our office for any assistance you may need regarding equipment or questions you may have. We will do our best to assist you.  You may also reach out via email. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

The ORS will be closed on Friday, January 21, 2022 due to inclement weather.

Hearing Health Care

About Us

Hearing Loss 
You might be surprised to know that hearing loss is the nation's number one most untreated health problem, especially for people over 50. In fact, hearing loss is the most prevalent condition behind arthritis and high blood pressure.

The reason is simple. Hearing loss is like watching your children grow... it's often difficult to see the changes that seem obvious to others.

Documented studies prove that when hearing is enhanced through technology, a person's quality of life improves significantly. These changes include better emotional stability, improved personal relationships, greater earning power, more intimacy, a greater feeling of control, better health, less stress and an improved sense of well-being.

At Hearing Healthcare Center, we know what a wise investment better hearing is. We've been helping people live fuller, more active lives. No matter what your lifestyle, better hearing enhances each of life's most cherished experiences. With a caring, professional staff and 9 locations to serve our patients, you can always count on us!


Hearing Heathcare Centers provides you with the answers, advice and tips you need to maintain healthy hearing. What's more, we offer new patients valuable hearing and speech evaluations, as well as demonstrations of the world's finest hearing devices.

Video Otoscopy Examination
Examines the outer ear. Our Hearing Professional will place a small camera inside your ear canal to project the image on a TV screen. This may be helpful in detecting outer ear concerns such as fluid accumulation, perforations (damage) of the ear drum or excessive earwax which will be referred to your doctor for diagnosis and treatment prior to fitting you with hearing instruments.

Hearing Consultation
Begins with a thorough analysis of your medical and hearing history. You will be asked about prior noise exposure from work or leisure activities, if any physical damage has occurred to your ears and if you had any past illnesses or medications that may have impacted your hearing.

Puretone Hearing Test
Our electronic audiometry testing measures and records your ability to hear sounds at various frequencies and loudness levels.

Speech Assessment
Because you may not hear certain sounds or words properly, you'll be tested for speech understanding using a word test. This procedure is conducted with amplification in order to determine your potential benefit with word understanding when hearing aids are worn.

State-of-the-Art Technology
We are at the forefront of emerging technologies that help you get back the gift of hearing. We offer science-based design to help the hearing challenged enjoy clear, natural sound. By using an "open architecture" platform, we have the power and flexibility to upgrade your hearing systems as improvements are developed. This keeps our hearing systems operating at the highest levels of performance -- first in the industry.

Hearing Aid Repair
We offer many in-office repairs. If needed, hearing aids can be sent back to the laboratory for repairs by skilled technicians.

Patient and Family Counseling
We help you and your family understand not only your hearing loss, but the best ways to improve communication. We may also provide Aural Rehabilitation training when needed to further enhance hearing and understanding.

FREE Second Opinions
We understand how important this decision is for you. If you have already seen a hearing healthcare provider and would like to just make sure you are getting the best advice, we would be happy to review your results with you. Remember, we are in the business of helping people hear better.

Visit us at: Hearing Healthcare

Hours of Operation

Conway: Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Myrtle Beach: Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm